I frequently get questions about Facebook sneaks and I’d like to share more info on how to get them, and what they are. The Facebook sneaks are a way for you to see your images sooner and to share with friends and family.  I only start posting your sneaks after I receive a signed model release from both parents for all family members that were present at the session.  I will post one of my favorite images from your session for 5 days (1 each day) and if I get a lot of comments and likes, I will post more photos, a grand finale, or blog as a thank you.  So, you win by getting to see more photos and I win by getting the exposure to my Facebook page.  I appreciate the traffic directly to the page, so I ask that you like the image and tag yourself.  I also love reading the comments, so tagging yourself encourages your friends and family to comment and then it makes my day to read the nice things people are saying about your photographs.  I ask that you do not crop my logo out of the FB pictures and printing of these is not allowed because they are intended for online viewing only.  In fact, I do not provide a print release for Facebook sneaks and they are such low resolution that the prints will look horribly pixelated.

There is a method to my madness for posting sneaks.  Day 1 is always my second favorite image.  Its hard to decide sometimes, but I really like to start your sneaks off with a strong image:

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For Sneak 2 I usually mix it up between family pictures, images of mom with baby, dad with baby, sibling pictures.

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For the final image, I save the best for last! It’s always my top favorite from your session. I know it’s hard to wait each day to see sneaks, but it’s worth the wait. In the digital age we live in, there are so few suprises left. So, I only torture you for a little while, but its fun to wake up to a beautiful image of your perfect baby!



18 Replies to “Q&A: How to get Facebook Sneaks {Ramona Newborn Photographer}”

  1. I really love how you have this set up #Memoriesbydeanna. I like that you encourage photography clients to like and engage with you on social media and reward them for it with sneak peeks! Great job! #SanDiego is lucky to have such a great photographer. (and beyond that, how adorable are these newborn photos?!?)

    1. Hilary, what an amazing comment! It’s perfect for Seo and I can tell you not only read my blog but also put a lot of time into wording your comment. Thank you very much and I will return the favor this evening 🙂

  2. What a great way to drive traffic to your site and give your clients a peek into their newborn session at the same time! I know, as a client, I am always dying to see my photos about two seconds after they are taken. I love how you’ve provided this opportunity to them!

  3. Oh my oh my! Such wonderful tips! Thanks for sharing! And I have to say, you are a very talented Ramona photographer! I looove the second photo! That little one is too cute & funny!

  4. This is a great explanation and a great strategy for getting social media exposure! I am sure Memories by Deanna Photography clients are so anxious to see their amazing newborn and family photo session images, and this is the perfect way to satisfy their wants and your needs!

  5. What an amazing way to keep clients engaged. I’m sure they love getting Facebook sneaks, and getting to see the lovely newborn portraits you’v captured!

  6. What a great idea to stagger the sneak peeks for your clients – I bet they love coming online to see what treasure has been posted each day. Keep up the beautiful newborn photography

  7. What a amazing idea about posting sneak peeks daily and based on comments and likes! I am sure the families love this too!! You have such beautiful newborn portraits and the sibling photo’s are just to die for!! I swear the photo of the sister and newborn they both have the smile little smile !! Awesome job #SanDiego

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