This is a bit of a different blog than you are used to, but I thought since it’s mommy related it works.  We all know that our tummies will never be the same after a baby, and maybe a tummy tuck is not in the budget, but wouldn’t it be nice to tone up a little without spending a fortune?  There are a lot of products that promise to tone, tighten and improve the look of stretched skin, but does it really work?  Well, I tried one product and I want to share my experience and give an honest review.  I wasn’t looking for a miracle, just something that might be able to get me ready for the beach and maybe take away the bloated look on my belly.

The product I tested was the ULTIMATE BODY APPLICATOR™ found here:

They come 4 in a pack and a full treatment is 4 wraps.  You can wrap every 72 hours.

So, here are some before pictures and after pictures.  I tried it on myself, my mom, and my husband to see if it really works:

NOTE:  I did not photoshop these!  And I took great measures to get the exact same angles and lighting to create fair before and after pictures. beforeafter-7 beforeafter-7front beforeafter-jp-45-DEGREE beforeafter-jp-FRONT beforeafter-jp-side BlogBoard-10-(mom-before-and-after)

The process:

1) Apply the Ultimate Body Applicator to the desired area anywhere from the neck down, in my case, the belly. The applicator is a cloth-like material drenched in a lotion.

2) Wrap yourself in cellophane or FAB WRAP™

3) Drink plenty of water while wearing the wrap and let it work its magic for at least 45 minutes

Some things I noticed:

-The wrap smells natural, like eucalyptus. The smell reminded me of Vicks Vaporub.

-There is a little bit of a tingling sensation, similar to Icy Hot. I was never uncomfortable though.

-After I removed the wrap, there was lotion on my tummy leftover, so I rubbed it in.

So, did it work? I noticed impressive results on my mom’s tummy. She is a mother of 5 and has had the same tummy for 30 plus years. She lovingly refers to her belly as her “donut”. I can definitely see that her wrinkles were toned. I also noticed that my stomach appears to be less bloated after one application. I will commit myself to a full treatment to see how it works out. My husband drank beer during his treatment and refused to play by the rules. Alas, I don’t really see that great of results, but he was such a sport to humor me in my experiment. I hope you enjoyed my little project.

If you are interested in trying it, contact Christine Martinez:

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  1. Thank you for the informative post with honest feedback. A lot of people that try these types of products generally fluff up their true results to get people in on the pyramid scheme. Documenting the whole process gives credibility to the results your & your mom saw. 🙂

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