Well, Halloween has come and past, and this year was the first time I offered Halloween Mini’s.  The results were adorable in every way!  Some were spooky, some were sweet, and they all had a blast!    I love that I am able to put together these special sessions for the kids, after all, that’s what my photography is all about!  I’m photographing Motherhood, one sweet memory at a time!  Being a mom means that you spend hours toiling over what to dress your little one for Halloween. As a mom, I know how much effort and love goes into putting together costumes, so it’s fitting to memorialize them in a photograph.  I think this will become a yearly tradition for sure!

Enjoy this picture recap!


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9 Replies to “Halloween Minis {Ramona CA Children’s Photographer}”

  1. This year’s Halloween minis looks like a success! You’ve captured an incredibly fun time for the little kiddos and they look like they had a great time during their session! It is so fun to see what the kids will be for Halloween in their cute outfits.

  2. Such a neat idea! I’ve never thought about Halloween minis with their costumes, but it certainly looks fun! As a parent, I’m sure all the families are thankful to have these memories <3

  3. These Halloween mini sessions turned out awesome! It is great that your clients had more than one backdrop set to choose from — especially as you were able to tailor the set look to the costume the child was wearing. I love the little chicken and duck siblings.

  4. How adorable! It is so great that you were able to document these because you are right, a lot of thought and effort goes into the perfect costume and it says so much about who that child is at that moment. I hope we see more Halloween minis by Memories by Deanna next year!

  5. I love Halloween sessions and the photos from your mini sessions turned out wonderfully! It’s so fun to see the kids in their costumes and see their personalities come through as they have fun in front of the camera. Wonder Woman is my fave 😉

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