I just got a new Contax 645 and was itching to take it out for a test drive.  My best friend from Middle School agreed to meet me at our favorite hiking spot, Iron Mountain, for an evening portrait session.  The scenery is amazing at this particular location, with lots of weeds and fun textures.  I knew it would be amazing.  When she agreed to meet me, she had mentioned that she was not photogenic, but was willing to do the shoot.  I was eager to prove her wrong.  She’s a beautiful person inside and out and I absolutely love her heart and soul.  These images make me happy because they show her, the real person, and I love real connection in photography.  I hope you enjoy them!

B&W:  Fuji400h converted to B&W shot on a Contax 645

Color:  Fuji400h shot on a Nikon F100



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