The Bernardo Winery  in Rancho Bernardo, CA is one of the most spectacular venues to photograph in San Diego. If you have never been there, you have to go! They offer wine tasting and live music, plus lots of activities throughout the year for the kids, like meet and greets with Santa.  When you walk the property, it’s like stepping back in time.  The location is full of history and charm.

For the 2016 Fall Family portraits event, I had several families meet me at the winery for pictures.  The location did not disappoint, the images are gorgeous.  Here is a recap of some of my favorites.  A huge thank you to Amelia Edwards and Selena Roberts, the Event Coordinators at the winery that made this fantastic day of portraits possible!  If you are planning a wedding, this is the premier venue to book in San Diego!  Trust me, your photographs will be gorgeous!

SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0372 SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0370 SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0371SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0369SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0368SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0367SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0366SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0365SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0364SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0363SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0362SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0361SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0360SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0359SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0358SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0357SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0356SanDiegophotographer-BernardoWinery_0355

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