I just love taking photos of makeovers!  I think it is so fun to transform someone and show them something about themselves that they have never seen before.  Thankfully, my favorite hair stylist, Soheila Sarhangi, also enjoys transforming people with hair & makeup as well.  So we teamed up for Evelyn to give her a makeover and photo session.  To give you a little background about our model, Evelyn is twelve years old, and she has never had her hair straightened or had her makeup done.  She was due for school pictures, but she wasn’t happy with her last pictures, so she wanted a photo shoot with me.  We coordinated on a day that she was scheduled for a haircut with Soheila so we could take advantage of the fresh haircut and styling.  Evelyn’s mom asked Soheila if we could add makeup and the results were fantastic.

First stop was Soheila’s salon in Rancho Bernardo for her appointment.  Soheila did a blow out with beach waves and light makeup.  She used eye liner, blush, pink eye shadow and a light pink lip color.  She did not use fake lashes, and it was a good choice because Evelyn has naturally beautiful and full lashes.  I thought her look was very fresh and light and she didn’t look over done.  I thought it was very age appropriate and I could tell Evelyn felt beautiful and loved it!

We decided to do a few indoor portraits and some outdoor as well.  For the indoor part of her session, we used the little studio that is on my property in Ramona.  For the outdoor, we went to the base of the Mt. Woodson hiking trail.  The hiking trail is too gorgeous for words!  I love mixing my subject with a gorgeous landscape.  The trail is super lush and vibrant with colors from all the spring rain we had in San Diego this season.  I hope you get a sense of her sweet personality from these portraits.  Evelyn really is one of the kindest hearts I have ever met and I hope this experience made her feel super special.  She deserved a day of pampering for sure!


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