I love photographing cake smashes!  The best part is when the baby loves it too, and this little explorer definitely enjoyed his homemade cake that his momma made.  In fact, he demolished it!  Before cake, I made sure I got some cute portraits of this one year old as a keepsake for his family.  We used Super White seamless paper from Backdrop Express for the first set up with a tee pee from Hobby Lobby and he wore “Wild One” shirt and zebra inspired pants.  His little faux-hawk was too adorable for words!

For the smash scene, we used Suede Gray Seamless paper from Backdrop Express, and paper products from Rockin’ Paper Designz in Ramona, CA to create an arrow banner, a “Wild One” banner for the background, a “O N E” banner for the cake, and an American Indian inspired head piece.  Everything came out so perfect for the photo shoot, I can’t thank Heather from Rockin’ Paper Designz enough for her hard work and perfection!

If you scroll down to the last couple of pictures, you can see action shots of frosting caught in mid flight.  At the end, there was frosting in his hair, on his face, and covering his hands.  I’d say this smash was a total success.  He certainly lived up to his smash theme, he was a wild one for sure!



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