One thing I love doing is serving those who serve this country. When Allyson contacted me about doing their newborn session, I was honored! Her husband Chet is a United States Marine, and thankfully, he was able to be present during the photo session. I have had instances where the call of duty happened soon after the birth of the child, or while the father was deployed, so I was very thankful to have him there at the session so we could capture some images of him with his newborn daughter. She sure is a beauty! Allyson also stepped in front of my camera for Mommy & Me photos and family pictures. This is such a special time, I always encourage parents to join in on the session because I’m sure their child will look back at these images and say, “Wow Mom and Dad, look how young you were! Look how small I was!” So, it warms my heart to capture family pictures with a newborn.

For her session, we were able to get a lot of poses because she was so sleepy! We were even able to get the Froggie pose. The Froggie is something I only do if the parents ask for it, because it requires special attention and could be unsafe if not done incorrectly. I always use safety precautions and have been trained by the best newborn mentor I could find. I never put newborns in danger during a photo shoot…safety first!


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