One of my all time favorite things to do are Kids Minis!  Why?!  Because I know first hand how fast the little ones grow and how much the images are cherished by their loved ones.

I make it a point to always do Valentine’s Minis.  You can take a stroll down memory lane by clicking the hyperlink here:  2017.  I myself love getting personalized Valentine’s Day Cards with photos on them.   So, I’m here to help you with that perfect Valentine’s Day Card, starting with the most adorable model (your child), and a cute backdrop or two from Backdrop Express.  Throw in some giant Conversation Hearts and you have Valentine’s perfection.  What’s not to love about these cuties!



For this round of mini sessions, I was honored to be able to help create two very special personalized Valentine’s Cards. Here’s how they turned out:

4x5.5 Press Print Cards
4×5.5 Press Print Cards
2x3.5 Press Print Mini Cards
2×3.5 Press Print Mini Cards

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