Pros and Cons of a Mini Session

With Mini Session Season coming up right around the corner, I think it’s a good time to chat about how I operate my Mini Sessions. After all, every photographer operates their business slightly different.  Memories by Deanna Mini Sessions happen throughout the year, although they are generally for kids only.  I use Mini Sessions to create special set-ups around holidays.  In order to allow for processing and ordering in time for that holiday, they usually happen at least one month in advance.  For example, I always have a Mini Session in January for Valentine’s Day and in late September or early October for Halloween.  My Kids Mini Session pricing is specifically for children only, but in the Fall, I break my own rules.  I allow immediate family members at the Truck Bed Mini and Green Couch Mini.  This Fall, I have a few new ideas that I’m working on, so stay tuned!  Kids Mini Sessions are 10-minute time slots.  I also offer special Family Portrait Events, which are at an offsite location that requires a permit which I secure at no extra cost to you.  At the Family Portrait Session, immediate family members are welcome, and you will have 25 minutes with me at a location I choose.

I will notify the VIP group when the time slots open for any mini coming up, so you must click the follow feature in the VIP group to be in the know.  If you have signed up for my email list, I will email you as well.  If you are a coupon holder, you will get advanced notification of any events via email.  The time slots usually sell out fast, so you must grab a time slot quickly.  I will give the VIP group one week advance notice of the time slots opening so you have a heads up.  After one week, if there are any open time slots left, I will open them to the public Facebook page so that anyone can get a spot.  Usually they sell out before they are posted on my public page.  So, what are some advantages and disadvantages of the Mini Sessions?  Let’s discuss:

You may be wondering, how much do the sessions cost?  Well, there are three types of sessions, and two are considered “Mini”; 1) Private Session, 2) Family Mini Event, and 3) Kids Mini Event.  To purchase my digital images, the cost is $30 each no matter what type of session you have with me.  For a Private Session with me (non-newborn), you will pay $100 on or before the date of your session as a Sitting Fee.  The max gallery price for a Private Session is $900.  The Family Mini Event has a sitting fee of $75, with a max gallery price of $600.00.  In past years, this type of event has taken place at Milagro Winery, Old Poway Park, The Bernardo Winery, and Dos Picos Park.  This year, I am working on securing the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park.  The Kids Mini Event is $25 sitting, with a Max Gallery Price of $300.   This includes the Truck Bed Minis and the Green Couch Minis.

Honestly, my main goal is to get you to buy your full gallery because I truly want you to have all your photos from your session.  This means more editing work for me, but it’s an advantage to you.  This is the reason why I created a discount if you purchase your full gallery (aka. the Max Gallery Price).  Another benefit of buying the full gallery is that I will credit your sitting fee towards the price of the full gallery.  When I say $900 is the Max Gallery price for a full session, I mean that you would pay $800 if you already paid a $100 sitting fee/retainer.

If the “pros” don’t seem very enticing, you may want to consider booking a private session with me.  You get more control of how your session looks with a private session.  You can choose the location, the theme, and the time of your session.  If you want the Golden Hour, you can have that as well with a private session.  The major difference is the price of the max gallery.  However, if you don’t usually buy the full gallery, and the other factors are more important to you, then a Private Session may be right for you.  I do want to disclaim that you may love your full gallery though, and it is always best to plan on paying for the full gallery.  So, what are you going to choose for your Fall Portraits this year?  Private or Mini Session?

Just for fun, here are some sample photos from past Family Portrait and Mini Session Events:

Green Couch/Field Mini: This one counts as a Kids mini/all immediate family members welcome, including the family dog!

Truck Bed Mini: This one counts as a Kids mini/all immediate family members welcome, including the family dog!

Family Mini Event:  Immediate family members are welcome.  You may use this as a maternity session, but no dogs are allowed.



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